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Plastic Bearings & Components

Spare Parts For 15 Plank Cargo Floor Moving Floor System For Sale - plastic bearings and components

This section is specifically the Cargo Floor 15 plank system plastic bearings and components.

The plastic bearings and components support the alloy floor planks. The bearings and components create the rubbing and supporting surface for the floor to rub across. As such the bearings receive a lot of friction and will wear down and break. From time to time they will need replacing.

The 15 plank system means the number of planks that cover the floor of the trailer. If you open the doors of your trailer and you have enough fingers and toes and you get to 15 then this is the system in the trailer. Within the 15 plank system there a number of plank options and bearer options.

Newton Trailers are the largest spare parts supplier in the UK for Cargo Floor of Holland. Cargo Floor are one of the largest moving floor manufacturers in the World and currently dominant in Europe and the UK.  Newton sell the full range of Cargo Floor floor plank or floor slats and sub floors. This page is specifically for the floor super structure - the slats, planks, side planks, sub deck, nylon gliders and bearings etc. The full range is visible as you navigate through our extensive spare parts system.

Newton Trailers: clearly the best - so why don't we rule the world - you know it makes sense.