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We stock the largest range and quantity of Cargo Floor spare parts in the UK for same day shipping or for collection.

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Cargo Floor make parts for all the large moving floor companies in the UK and Europe such as Knapen, Legras, BMI Trailers and STAS. Their moving floors are used throughout industry moving bulk materials such as glass, sand, wood chip, biomass, and wastes.

Cargo Floor Cargomatic dock to trailer loading and loading systems speed up logistics in the UK. Cargo Floor parts and spares can be purchased from this site.

We are the largest Cargo Floor B.V. parts and spares retailer in the UK. We began as Newton Commercials in 1964 and sold our first Cargo Floor system as a 1987 tandem waste trailer. Now as Newton Trailers we stock almost every part for every Cargo Floor system made from our site near Milton Keynes. We aim to provide a website from which you can easily identify your system and the parts you require and to ship same day if possible. We have a dedicated parts team who you can call and troubleshoot your problems and purchase your parts. We have on site 8 full time technicians trained in diagnostics and repair of Cargo Floor equipment.

We work in close co-operation with Cargo Floor of the Netherlands who are probably the largest moving floor manufacturer in the world. The major European trailer manufacturers pretty much specify Cargo Floor systems as a default. Cargo Floor grew quickly in their home market providing floor systems to carry peat into the glass houses of Holland. Frans De Raad – their charismatic owner spotted the potential and grew the company into the worldwide power house it is today.

Cargo Floor’s early systems were based off three cylinders moving 24 floor planks. They now do a very large range of floor systems and plank choices to suit very specific products all the way through to general bulk movements. Cargo Floor B.V. manufactures all its’ products in Coevorden, The Netherlands, under the ISO 9001-2008 quality certification.

As a service agent to Cargo Floor we are happy to service and supply any Cargo Floor systems in any trailer manufacturer. We can supply small parts or service and refurbish complete floor systems for you. If you wish we can remove a complete floor, loan you a service trailer and put your trailer back onto the road in just 2 days.

We hope you enjoy this dedicated Cargo Floor parts website and we welcome feedback how to maintain and improve our service to you.