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6104024.01 Cargo Floor Oil Temperature Safety Switch

6104024.01 Cargo Floor Oil Temperature Safety Switch

Cargo Floor Oil Temperature Ssafety Switch; Protection Against Overheating

For Cargo Floor control valve E/B

The oil temperature safety switch offers your system protection against possible overheating of the hydraulic oil that could damage your system. This safety switch can be used with systems that have a control valve type E or B. A control valve with A control has no electrical switching and therefore no possibility to switch off.

The safety switch is screwed into opening T3A of the control valve. If the switch starts operating because the temperature is to high the connection between the power supply and the On/Off (GS02) coil will be cut. The system then will stop. At the underside of the safety switch, a red LED will light up that points out to the user that the temperature is too high. If such a situation occurs, it is important to switch off the pump/PTO, find the malfunction and let the oil cool off.